Message on a Mango - About Us

Send something more than a card or flowers! Do you want to make sure someone you know gets a surprise in the post they won’t forget anytime soon? That’s why we’re here! Whatever the occasion, whoever the recipient… You can now send something fruity with your unique message anonymously to anyone in the UK… We’re serious – that’s exactly what we do… 


We are all about creating memories that are totally unique, and that’s the beauty of what we do – every item is unique and special to the recipient. We are on a quest of quirkiness and we want your help!


Have a quick look below; we have included a selection of stories to show you how we can help with any situation:

A new member of the team completed their first deal shortly after joining the company. We wanted to celebrate with a small gesture to let them know their efforts weren’t going unnoticed, but something that the whole office could have a laugh about! The reaction was excellent, and we now have a tradition that the first person to complete a deal each month gets a congratulatory mango.


Every year my family and I now buy each other novelty gifts for birthdays, but this year I didn’t have much of a budget as I had before. That’s when I found Message on a Mango on Twitter; I was able to type a message and have it sent to my brother just in time for his birthday!


I couldn’t believe that they added more products – it was like it was meant to be. My girlfriend, pet-name ‘Apple’, and I are long distance and I wanted to surprise her and tell her how much a love her… I visited Message on a Mango to send a mango and saw they now sell apples. Amazing! It’s now a little on-going joke we have with one another.


My best friend was struggling to settle in at uni and being away from home for the first time. I sent them a little Message on a Mango to cheer them up and to let them know I was thinking of them. It worked and they’re now loving uni!

Whatever the occasion, we are here to help and make sure your message is remembered…


Message on a Mango - Mike the MascotThe Message on a Mango Team