To put it simply… Anytime! We believe there is a mango, apple, pepper or pear for any occasion; that’s the magic behind what we do. Know someone getting married, or perhaps someone has landed their dream job? We are here for the good times and the bad.

Send something more than a card or flowers! Go on, send something from Message on a Mango today…

Every item is different and the sizes vary slightly; so as a general rule we ask that you limit your message to a maximum of 25 characters. Please note that if your message is longer than this then we may not be able to include the whole message… Something to certainly keep in mind! 

We do not include drawings on any items that we send out, but if you include an emoji as part of the message, we will try our very best to draw it. However, we personally do not recommend this.

No, absolutely not. Under no circumstances do we recommend eating any items that we send out, or any additions (including removable eyes) as they have been manhandled to write each message; they have ink on them and can pick up bacteria during the shipping process.

Message on a Mango will hold no responsibility, or be held accountable if an individual or group consume any items and becomes unwell or chokes on the removable parts (including the removable googly eyes).

At the moment we only are able to deliver these quirky items in the post around the UK… But watch this space! Each item is boxed and nothing is placed on the box to identify what might be inside – so it’s a total surprise until it is opened by the recipient! We currently offer four items, each with multiple delivery options:

  • Standard Delivery – 2nd class post with Royal Mail. | Estimated arrival is 4-5 working days from order being placed. 
  • 1st Class Delivery – Sent via 1st class post with Royal Mail. | Estimated arrival is 2-3 working days from order being placed. 
  • Special Delivery – Sent via 1st class post with Royal Mail, Signed For. You will be emailed a tracking code so you are able to see when the item is delivered. Estimated arrival is within 2-3 working days from order being placed. 

Unfortunately not; we cannot guarantee delivery on a certain date. We do however recommend looking at our various delivery options; please make a note of the estimated delivery timings so you can ensure your awesome surprise gift arrives as close to, or even on the day, it’s needed. We always will dispatch within 1-2 working days – the rest replies on Royal Mail. 

Once the item has arrived we want you to show it off and have it pride of place in your home or office. We suggest that this is kept at room temperature and out of direct sunlight. Please keep an eye on the items though as they are all perishable and won’t last forever.  

We want you and the recipient to be delighted with their item(s). If we are notified within 10 working days we will be able to handle a refund or return request. However, each request is handled on a case by case basis and we cannot make any guarentees given the perishable nature of each product used.

Unfortunately as a small business, we cannot offer free returns.

We primary use PayPal on our site for all orders. Do not worry if you do not have a PayPal account, there is an option that allows you to use your debit or credit card instead once you are at the PayPal Checkout. 

We are really here to help you send a quirky message to a friend, family member, pet or co-worker on a mango. That’s our job, and we love doing it. We’ve had some hilarious messages be sent out in the past – we love puns the most!  

This is no joke, this is our business and we take it very seriously! We pride ourselves on being different and provide a service that people will not forget anytime soon.